Working on “Vacation”

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My wife always says I go on “vacation” when I work. I know what she means. With four young kids and another on the way, parenting can be a challenge—especially when your spouse goes off to work for days or weeks at a time to places you only dream about. In this particular case, I was shooting at La Costa Resort & Spa, a fancy high-end resort in Carlsbad, CA for a series of online fitness coaching vignettes. It was a pretty sweet resort. So it doesn’t help when I post pictures like this on Facebook:

I’m mean, huh? Well, to my defense—if that’s possible—I wasn’t lounging around the whole time. I was talking to a friend of mine who had called and the only place to sit anywhere in sight was this hammock. Seriously!

Below are some photos from the setups and screen grabs as well. We shot on two Canon 5D Mark IIs and the usual 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses. For lighting, we had 3 Arri HMI fresnels plus 1 4×4 KinoFlo with 5600K tubes.


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