First Day of Uphill Battle

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Day 1 of Uphill Battle is done. Despite being rained out of our exterior shots, we managed to get a good day in. Shooting on the Red One MX with a video village system that wasn’t working so the director had to watch our little camera monitor the whole day. Problem should be resolved tomorrow. Skeleton crew, super low budget, pulling focus myself for the most part. Shooting with Nikon still lenses because we couldn’t get the Zeiss primes I wanted. Hate it. Focus marks never stay put on the follow focus ring. Pointless to get marks. My ENG/documentary experience comes in handy right about now. Also, no f-stops. Have to make educated guesses for stops. Fun times! But, it was a good day and working with great people. Glad to be on the project!

Here are a few frames from today’s shoot:

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