Stinky Stinky and the Blessing of That Blasted Knob

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The Blasted Knob (fig. E)

On the particular Red One camera that we are renting, there is a knob on the back that keeps falling off. About every other day, it unloosens itself and decides to play hide-and-go-seek with us like an ejected hard contact lens of old. “Where’s that knob now?” is the scene as one, two or even three of us at times crawl on the ground looking for the blasted knob. We usually find it pretty quickly, and thankfully. This time, I didn’t know it was missing until our key grip, Evan, called and told me he happened upon it while cleaning out the bed of his truck. It was amazing that he even noticed it drop as he shook out a furniture pad. Saturday was Evan’s last day on the shoot but he graciously volunteered to bring us the knob to tonight’s shoot. The awesome part is that we needed to rent some last-minute grip equipment anyway and he was able to bring it to us because he was already coming down to drop off the knob. It couldn’t have happened a better way! Thanks, Evan!

We shot at the Great Salt Lake Marina area and shot a brief scene with our lead actors. It was only a three-hour day so it was great. We got some great shots as the location was beautiful—especially at sunset. The only drawback to the place was that it was as stinky. Woohoo was it stinky! But we got used to it, kinda. It’s amazing how our brain can cancel out offensive things such as smell and how things that are unsightly can become unnoticeable the longer you are around it—such as the smell and mess of my office. ;P

Here is another from tonight. I’ll have you know I missed the finale of American Idol for this. Thank goodness for DVRs.


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      Close! I ended up using camera tape to make sure it didn’t fall off again. It looked pretty lame, but I didn’t have to worry anymore.

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