My Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Impromptu Surprise Celebration Adventure!

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This morning I had a tech scout for an upcoming shoot on the Universal Studios backlot. We were on (and will be working on) the Western streets. After we were done with the scout, I hinted to my colleagues that as we left the backlot, a detour through Courthouse Square would be nice. For those of you who are in the dark, Courthouse Square is where they filmed key scenes of a very important film in my life: Back to the Future. I’ve seen this exterior set a handful of times on the studio tour and had always wished and dreamed of the day of when I could walk through the square on my own. Well, today was the day.

We pulled into the square and parked right up against the curb of the center island or whatever it’s called. I told my colleague that this was an indescribable moment for me. I don’t think he fully understood. It was a magical moment that I will never forget. I literally cannot describe the magic I felt stepping foot onto the pavement of the town square. I really could’ve stayed there all day. I even walked up the steps of the courthouse to get a feel for what it was like to be on the set of such an awesome movie. I’m geeking out, I know.

I was a bit disappointed to see the facade of the courthouse looking very different from the movie. The distinct columns were gone and the front of the building was rather flat. When I was at the top of the steps, I noticed the door was open just a crack and I wondered if I should open it. I did. Of course I did— are you crazy?! Well, what I found inside was a great surprise and a bit of euphoric relief. The columns and “original” door and facade were intact and hidden behind the current facade. Again, I can’t tell you how excited I was to be here.

[cols] [col class=”1/3″] Courthouse Square 1
[/col] [col class=”1/3″] Courthouse Square 3
[/col] [col class=”1/3 last”] Courthouse Square 2
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I realized I needed to share this with someone so I called up my friend, Dave Tavres, who is another huge BTTF fan and he was super excited, too. He then said, “You realize today is October 26, don’t you?” I DIDN’T! Today is the 25th anniversary of Marty McFly’s (original) jump in time back to 1955. That just threw this whole thing over the top. I couldn’t believe it. Can you?!

DeLorean Time Circuits

Happy 25th Anniversary, Back to the Future!


  1. Ummmm, AMAZING, Rod!!! I would've been geeking out majorly as well. How amazing to be there – and on the anniversary, to boot?

    "Run for it, Marty!!!"

    Love that movie. It's one of the staples I watched repeatedly in childhood. And to think, we're only five years away from hoverboards… :)

  2. Great story thanks for taking pics. I almost jumped off the tram when we went.

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