King and I

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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to shoot an interview with Larry King at his home in Beverly Hills.  It was a simple interview done in what looked like his TV/trophy room.  I envied his giant LCD screen that was hanging over the fireplace.  Anyway, back to less important stuff… It was a simple lighting setup.  Simpler than the usual simple even.  I chose to shoot him (and his wife) in a corner that featured a window and some of his many trophies and plaques.  We shot the interview on the 5D MkII with a 24-70mm lens.  It’s probably not the best lens for interview work, but I’ve used it many times before and always get great looking footage.  The 70-200mm lens would probably be the better lens to shoot with, though.

After determining to shoot in Tungsten mode, I left the lights on in the room that were lighting the trophy case and adjusted the window blinds to let in some light but at the same time blocked it from being a mostly-white window frame.  I exposed for this background by opening up the aperture to an f4 and sought for a good ISO rating, which turned out to be 640ISO, and then turned on the 4′ 4-bank KinoFlo I set up for his keylight enough to balance well with the background.  I only ended up using two tubes on that fixture.  I then used our only other unit, another matching-sized KinoFlo, as a fill light.  I only used one tube for that.  We didn’t have much time for setup, and we didn’t have much equipment to work with anyway, so it worked out really well.

As an awesome bonus to this shoot, my wife was brought on as the hair and makeup artist.  It’s really cool having my wife with me on shoots.  It rarely happens, but it’s so great being able to look over and see my gorgeous wife working on set with me. :)


  1. He looks so young here. Great lighting and makeup. Good job!
    You can do my makeup anytime but i want the 70-200mm lens. Lol!

  2. How fun to work with beautiful Wendy! Just found your blog – it’s awesome!

  3. Cara,

    Eu adoro o seu blog!
    Just want to let you know that….

    Ps: I have it on my rss reader.

  4. Santiano!!!!!!!!!!

    Voce anda muito sumido! Onde voce esta menino? Te mando mensagens no orkut mas voce nunca responde seu louco!
    Me conta como ta vida, a familia e quando vai vir em SLC nos visitar?
    Nao some hein! Me adiciona no seu Facebook Cris Lofland.

    Abracao Elder de poder!!!

    P.s.: Voce foi o elder que me batizou in Divinopolis, just in case if you’ve have forgotten about me already :(

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