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2014 Demo Reel

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Rod SantianoRoderick A. Santiano found his love for cinematography at the age of 14 when an innate sense of lighting, camera work and editing inspired him to seek a career in film. He was awarded a scholarship to Art Center College of Design’s Film Department in Pasadena based on quality and merit of his submission film reel. Since graduating from Art Center in 1996 he has worked on countless shorts, commercials, feature films and documentaries. Many of Roderick’s projects over the past twenty+ years have won several awards in film festivals, have gone on to gain national television exposure and have also won Clio and AICP awards. His documentary projects include NEW YORK DOLL—an Official Selection for the Sundance Film Festival in 2005—and the Billy Joel documentary feature, THE LAST PLAY AT SHEA.

"Notes from the Set" Blog

Litepanels Sola 4 Traveler Kit™ Review

This may not be the most ideal lighting kit for the airborne shooter, but the Litepanels Sola 4

And Now for Something Completely Silly

I had the great opportunity to shoot the second season of a web series called, “Pretty Darn

Shot Designer Review

So I just got a new app called Shot Designer from Hollywood Camera Work. It’s kind of, you

Can We Turn On Some Lights?

Last week I was hired to shoot some testimonials for an infomercial. We shot 13 people at a couple

More Talking Heads

I seem to have been doing a lot of talking-head interviews since I was thrown into the world of

Shooting in the Valley of Volcanos

I was up in Oregon a couple of weeks ago shooting a little mini doc piece about a senior missionary

Working on “Vacation”

My wife always says I go on “vacation” when I work. I know what she means. With four

Alaska Revisited

Back in March, I had the chilling opportunity to shoot a documentary in Alaska. It was cold

Litepanels Sola ENG™ Flight Kit Review

Looking for the ideal portable lighting kit? The Litepanels Sola ENG Flight Kit may be it. I’ve

ALASKA: Adventures on the Yukon

I don’t even know where to start. Right now I am in the comfort of my hotel room in Fairbanks,

The Slanted Lens BTS

A couple of years ago, well-known photographer Jay P. Morgan asked me to shoot some

Another Year in 24 Hours

My wife really wanted to participate in a local 24-hour filmmaking marathon competition last weekend

Plan B: Shoot with the T2i

Over the weekend, I shot a short film with a good friend from film school, Michael Sokey. The last

Rembrandt’s The Return of the Prodigal Son

This week I’ve been in St. Petersburg, Russia because this is the home of Rembrandt’s

Rembrandt Lighting

I’m currently in Philadelphia working on a documentary project where Rembrandt’s work

One in a Million Shoot

A couple of weeks ago I got to shoot a music video for a super talented up-and-coming artist, Nik

Too Cinematic for an Infomercial?

Last week I had an opportunity to shoot an infomercial for a good friend of mine who I’d never

Random Memoir: Arthur Kane and the Puffy Shirt

This scene in New York Doll always gets one of the biggest laughs… and to think I almost

Just Outside the Frame Line

It’s always interesting to look at a photograph or a scene in a movie and then look beyond the

Stinky Stinky and the Blessing of That Blasted Knob

On the particular Red One camera that we are renting, there is a knob on the back that keeps falling

“Nobody EVER Comes Out Here”

Saturday, we were shooting on a road out in the boonies that the producer found where we could shoot

Sleepy Night Shoot

On Thursday, our “day” started at 6pm and we ended up wrapping around 4:30am—not bad,

Dolly and Tracks By Rubbermaid®

We were working in our lead character’s bedroom today shooting many journal-writing and

“You Need a Montage”

Okay, so only those of you that know the song will know how to sing the title of this post. Among


So day 7 of the Uphill Battle shoot was a series of flashback sequences.  I wanted to make sure


My oldest son with the slate. (Do It Yourself Director of Photography Assistant Camera Digital

Turn Out Those Lights!!!

Split days are when you start later in the day so you can work into the night.  This is usually

Racing the Sun

Never-ending lawnmowers and edge trimmer noise from neighbors along with random birds and, of

I Won’t Do Any Dolly Shots Today… Okay, Maybe Just One

Today we had over 13 pages to shoot but didn’t quite make it in our 12-hour time frame.  I

Uphill Battle Shoot Plus Football Player Interviews = Long Day!

The weather wasn’t so bad today but we were inside anyway.  Although, I never really stepped

First Day of Uphill Battle

Day 1 of Uphill Battle is done. Despite being rained out of our exterior shots, we managed to get a

Shooting Spies

Last week I shot a commercial for a new product of which I, of course, can’t talk about until

Note to Self: Dress Warmer!

On Saturday I went to the BYU spring game with an unnamed director to get some footage for a

King and I

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to shoot an interview with Larry King at his home in Beverly Hills.

Early Lighting Experiments

My wife and I were digging through an array of boxes the other day in a long-awaited moment of

The Only 2 Things Billy Joel Ever Said To Me

“This is it?” and “I need some space.”   One mildly annoying thing

Still the Uptown Girl

So if you’re past your mid-thirties, you probably know how hot Christie Brinkley was in your

Off to London to See Paul

After the concert, we were able to schedule a follow up interview with Paul McCartney at his office

Celebrity Surprise!

In two days, I had the amazing experience of not only shooting behind the scenes footage of the

Sting and Mike on Bikes

Towards the end of the the Billy Joel doc, we had the opportunity to interview Sting. The interview

Do That Again

On Monday I had a shoot for a really cool industrial video.  I’m pretty excited about it

Notes from the Production of The Last Play at Shea

Now that The Last Play at Shea has been released in theaters and is now on DVD, I can talk about

All You Need Is… Money!

Earlier in the year, I wrote two posts about my experience shooting the latest installment of

Why Don’t YOU Operate the Camera Then?!

So you know how Google Maps has that cool 360º street view feature?  YellowBird has implemented

Absolutely Unreal!… LITERALLY!

I just saw this video on the Fstoppers site and had to share it.  I am obviously a huge fan of

“We Are Not Waiting”

Back in August, I was in New York and Philadelphia working on a short documentary related to the

My Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Impromptu Surprise Celebration Adventure!

This morning I had a tech scout for an upcoming shoot on the Universal Studios backlot. We were on

The Last Play at Shea: ONE NIGHT ONLY!

I just found out that THE LAST PLAY AT SHEA is having a limited theatrical release for one night

5D Docu-Mode

I’m in New York right now shooting a documentary vignette to be used in relation to the

Last Play at Shea: “It’s All Over the Place”

I was doing a little bit of searching on the internet about the documentary I worked on called LAST

Shooting Robots in Sub-Freezing Temperatures, Part II

Well, I didn’t have to bear the -8ºF temperatures after all. We were able to get the shots we

Shooting Robots in Sub-Freezing Temperatures

I am in Chicago right now. Greg Whiteley hired me to shoot a little industrial spot with him

A 100W Lightbulb and A Piece of Aluminum Foil

Not too long ago, I shot a short film for a friend of mine called Face to Face.  It was an

Challenge On Stage: Afterthoughts

Well, it’s been a couple weeks since the principle photography of Jonah and the Great Fish

Challenge On Stage

I’m watching a rehearsal of JONAH AND THE GREAT FISH, a musical stage production of the

No Turning Back: Baking-In Black and White

I shot a commercial today that took place in a pseudo 50’s environment. After some discussion

Shooting With What You’ve Got

About a week and a half ago, my friend Ron Adair told me about an ad contest Doritos was having for

Starting a New Blog

I’m starting this blog for a couple of reasons. Mainly, to record things I’ve done on


Production Company
Untitled Food DocumentaryJoshua LigairiVeggipocalypse Productions
MITT (additional cinematography, Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2014)Greg WhiteleyOne Potato Productions
The Return of the Prodigal Son (in production)Greg WhiteleyOne Potato Productions
Uphill BattleAmy KenneyIllumin8ed Productions
Jonah and the Great FishDennis Agle, Jr.Lightstone Pictures
Stand StrongAmy KenneyIllumin8ed Productions
The Last Play at SheaPaul CrowderMaritime Motion Pictures/Spitfire Pictures
New York Doll (Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2005)Greg WhiteleyOne Potato Productions
Samuel the LamaniteDennis Agle, Jr. & Aaron EdsonLightstone Pictures
Daniel and the LionsDennis Agle, Jr. & Aaron EdsonLightstone Pictures
Esther and the KingDennis Agle, Jr. & Aaron EdsonLightstone Pictures
The First ChristmasDennis Agle, Jr. & Aaron EdsonLightstone Pictures
Alma and King Noah's CourtDennis Agle, Jr. & Aaron EdsonLightstone Pictures
One Smooth StoneDennis Agle, Jr. & Aaron EdsonLightstone Pictures
David and GoliathDennis Agle, Jr. & Aaron EdsonLightstone Pictures
Ammon and LamoniDennis Agle, Jr. & Aaron EdsonLightstone Pictures
Nephi and LabanDennis Agle, Jr. & Aaron EdsonLightstone Pictures
L.I.N.X.Bryan BagbyStoneridge Entertainment
Condemning EyesMike MendezEight Ball Pictures
We'll Have TomorrowBenedick DiazRocket Syndicate
Production Company
Zions Bank "Honor"Scott FeatherstoneFeatherstone Productions
Zions Bank "Window Seat"Scott FeatherstoneFeatherstone Productions
Mozy "Hotel"Scott HalfordThomasARTS
VSP "Pass It Along"Scott FeatherstoneFeatherstone Productions
VSP "David's World"Scott FeatherstoneFeatherstone Productions
Zions Bank "Playing the Branch"Scott FeatherstoneFeatherstone Productions
Zions Bank "Work Smarter"Scott FeatherstoneFeatherstone Productions
Ken Garff Hyundai "Report Card"Roderick A. SantianoThomasARTS
Ken Garff Hyundai "Salary"Roderick A. SantianoThomasARTS
Ken Garff Hyundai "Soft Bargain"Roderick A. SantianoThomasARTS
Ken Garff Hyundai "Terrorists"Roderick A. SantianoThomasARTS
Ken Garff Hyundai "Hostage"Roderick A. SantianoThomasARTS
Ken Garff Hyundai "Waste"Roderick A. SantianoThomasARTS
Zions Bank "Price of Gold"Scott FeatherstoneFeatherstone Productions
Only ProteinScott FeatherstoneFeatherstone Productions
Coventry Health Care "Right-On-Time Tom"Scott FeatherstoneFeatherstone Productions
Ken Garff "Mostly: Appendix"Scott FeatherstoneFeatherstone Productions
Ken Garff "Fake"Scott FeatherstoneFeatherstone Productions
Ken Garff "Moustache"Scott FeatherstoneFeatherstone Productions
Ken Garff "Trapped"Scott FeatherstoneFeatherstone Productions
Colorado Health Op "On Its Head"" "Scott FeatherstoneFeatherstone Productions
VSP Direct "Look"Scott FeatherstoneFeatherstone Productions
Arches Health Plan "Around Our House"Scott FeatherstoneFeatherstone Productions
Arches Health Plan "Perfect Day"Scott FeatherstoneFeatherstone Productions
Arches Health Plan "All Share"Scott FeatherstoneFeatherstone Productions
Corporate Treasury Management "Foundations"Scott FeatherstoneFeatherstone Productions
Aetna Health "Combinations"Jeff OlsenThomasARTS
Valter's Osteria "Valter's Vay"Jeff OlsenThomasARTS
Coventry Health "P.I.P."Roderick A. SantianoThomasARTS
Arches Health Launch B-rollJeff OlsenThomasARTS
Vitalium PromoRoderick A. SantianoThomasARTS
Zions Direct "Testimonials"Roderick A. SantianoThomasARTS
Q Sciences "Compensation Plan"Joshua LigairiPoint of the Mountain Productions
Northwest Dodge "Priorities"Jason SargentThomasARTS
Northwest Dodge "On the Wall"Jason SargentThomasARTS
Northwest Dodge "It's You"Jason SargentThomasARTS
Northwest Dodge "Expectations"Jason SargentThomasARTS
Les Olson Company "Legacy of Life"Tad HendersonThomasARTS
Dancing Moose PromoRoderick A. SantianoRWS Productions
USU Healthy Relationships "No Jerks"Alan SeawrightTelekinesis Studios
CityWide "Mission: Impossible"Alan SeawrightTelekinesis Studios
PottyFUNªBrandon ScottMIM creative
Yoplait "Healthy Lifestyles"Alexander von DavidBurrell Communications
Wonderful Pistachios "Nutcracker"Wendy SantianoRWS Productions
Wonderful Pistachios "Dentist"Wendy SantianoRWS Productions
Wonderful Pistachios "Now That's What I'm Talkin' About"Wendy SantianoRWS Productions
Z-Coil Shoes "Mother's Little Helpers"Wendy SantianoRWS Productions
Doritos "Somethin' Smells Good"Wendy SantianoRWS Productions
Liken "Good Parent"Dennis Agle, Jr.Lightstone
VMware Fusion "Switch"Wendy SantianoRWS Productions
Pepsi "Costume Party"Greg WhiteleyOne Potato Productions
Nike "Garage"Nick HillLucky Airlines
Nike "Happy Endings"Nick HillLucky Airlines
Maglite "Lady Killers"Thomas RichterRichter Pictures
Krazy Glue "Vegetarian Terrorist"Greg WhiteleyOne Potato Productions
Greyhound "Go Greyhound"Kristin ReedFarm Fresh Productions
Maglite "Swinger Strike Out"Alexander von DavidHot Cones
Trojan "Giggly-Girl-Sex-Jazbo"Alexander von Davidvon Films
Staedtler "Captured Thought""Tony PeckArt Center
Food4Less ""Pit Stop"Kristin ReedFarm Fresh Productions
L.A. Times Calendar "Craft Service"Greg WhiteleyOne Potato Productions
PacBell "*69"Kristin ReedFarm Fresh Productions
Nike "Don't Just Do It"David MillerArt Center
G.E. "Bulbtease"Kwanmo KuhArt Center
Guess "Sex, Lies & Watches"Kwanmo KuhArt Center
Pentagon CargoBenedick DiazPentagon Cargo
Production Company
Maleficent Pitch MeetingAlan SeawrightTelekinesis Entertainment
Kipling "Right Above Me"Tucker DansieThe Corner Media
Pretty Darn Funny "Footloose Parody"Jeff ParkinTinder Transmedia
Pretty Darn Funny "Movie Cheating"Jeff ParkinTinder Transmedia
Pretty Darn Funny "Basket Case"Jeff ParkinTinder Transmedia
Pretty Darn Funny "Fitness Challenge"Jeff ParkinTinder Transmedia
Pretty Darn Funny "InstaMom App"Jeff ParkinTinder Transmedia
Warm CaseAlan SeawrightTelekinesis Studios
Nik Day "Sadder"Tucker DansieThe Corner Media
Nik Day "One in a Million"Tucker DansieThe Corner Media
Extra-VampiricalAlan SeawrightTelekinesis Studios
Flashback FightAlan SeawrightTelekinesis Studios
Nik Day "Slow Down"Tucker DansieThe Corner Media
Kenny Favero "Home"Tucker DansieThe Corner Media
Mother to MotherRoderick A. SantianoCara Jean Means
Another YearWendy SantianoRWS Productions
MethodWendy SantianoRWS Productions
Charity VisionGreg WhiteleyOne Potato Productions
Esperanza "10-Year Anniversary"Greg WhiteleyOne Potato Productions
We Are Not WaitingGreg WhiteleyOne Potato Productions
No Child Left BehindGreg WhiteleyOne Potato Productions
Speed DreamsGreg WhiteleyThe Documentary Channel/One Potato Productions
Cookin' Big Stuff (Episodes 1 & 2)G. Trent CruzDone in a Minute Productions
Lab SpaceSolomon TragerKarrass, Ltd.
Crystal HearingSamantha ManalangSamantha Manalang
Face to FaceSpanky WardO'Tay Productions
CrossroadsSpanky WardO'Tay Productions
David and Goliath TV BumpersDennis Agle, Jr.Lightstone Pictures
Taking a StandGreg RossiterLightstone Pictures
Start the BuzzGreg RossiterLightstone Pictures
An Excellent SpiritGreg RossiterLightstone Pictures
Building CharacterGreg RossiterLightstone Pictures
A Musical RetellingGreg RossiterLightstone Pictures
The Making of David and GoliathGreg RossiterLightstone Pictures
Wonder Woman: Battle of JusticeRon SantianoRed Cape Cinema
Martha's BakeryNobuhiro HayashiArt Center
superman i amMichael Sokey11th Hour Productions
The Secret Fears of Jake McDougal (2nd Unit)Mark ReberPalindrome Productions
A Turn in the TreeTodd WhitakerTodd Whitaker
Early Bird Special (Visual Consultant)Timothy LeeArt Center
Mario "Spark My Heart"Mario RomanoRomano Music
Mario "Poetry"Robert LeeRomano Music
Jesus Christ NinjastarMike MendezEight Ball Pictures
Janice Russo "Money Talks"Mike MendezImageMaker Productions
Rob Fercano "Here Is My Love""Mike MendezImageMaker Productions
Destiny AD ""The Tower"Mike MendezImageMaker Productions
Turning Keys "Grey Skies"Mike MendezImageMaker Productions
Cindy Z "I Like It"Mike MendezImageMaker Productions
AngelesRoderick A. SantianoHot Cones
Employee BewareNick YeowArt Center
Victim's RevengeNick YeowArt Center
The ReturnKwanmo KuhArt Center
Car WashRoderick A. SantianoHot Cones
Inflatable AttractionRoderick A. SantianoHot Cones
Two to the FairRoderick A. SantianoHot Cones
Goldi-lox, Three Bears and Her LoversMike MendezEight Ball Pictures
The Path to TinseltownMike MendezEight Ball Pictures
Clucky the Chicken BoyMike MendezEight Ball Pictures
Flowers from FailureRoderick A. SantianoHot Cones
Anti-Drug PSA "The Tennis Match"Roderick A. SantianoRocket Syndicate
Superhero SaviorRoderick A. SantianoHot Cones
One Life to Live and 12 Hours to Do ItMike MendezEight Ball Pictures
Peace & ViolenceRoderick A. SantianoHot Cones
Sharks in the Swimming PoolMichael Sokey11th Hour Productions
Late for LoveRoderick A. Santiano & Mike MendezEight Ball Pictures
Dead BrokeRoderick A. SantianoEight Ball Pictures
The SitterMike MendezEight Ball Pictures
Teenage Mutant Ninja Nazis 2: Electric BoogalooMike Mendez & Chad SommersEight Ball Pictures
Private DickMike Mendez & Chad SommersEight Ball Pictures
Teenage Mutant Ninja NazisMike Mendez & Chad SommersEight Ball Pictures
PoultrygeistMike Mendez & Chad SommersEight Ball Pictures
Production Company
A Day in the Life of Utah Food BankMyself and LegionThomasARTS
Aetna Value StoryJeff OlsenThomasARTS
VitaliumTroy ThomasThomasARTS
Zions Bank Giants in Our CityScott HalfordThomasARTS
Feeling the Holy Ghost: Power of the Holy Spirit (additional photography)Brooke HarrisLDS Church
Mormon Messages: Men's Hearts Shall Fail Them (additional photography)Christina Torriente-RobeyLDS Church
Church News & Events: International Art Competition 2011 PromoErika BahrLDS Church
Mormon Messages: Spirit of RevelationTucker DansieLDS Church
Mormon Messages: Waiting on the Road to DamascusTucker DansieLDS Church
Qivana: Doctors (2011)
Brandon ScottMIM creative
Qivana: Doctors (2010)
Brandon ScottMIM creative
Limu Product Line 2011Brandon ScottMIM creative
Preferred Freezer "Chicago II"Greg WhiteleyOne Potato Productions
Preferred Freezer "Dear Chicago"Greg WhiteleyOne Potato Productions
Missionary Progression "Preach My Gospel"" (additional photography)"Greg WhiteleyLDS Church
Spy FlySolomon TragerKarrass, Ltd.
S.O.S GoodSolomon TragerKarrass, Ltd.
S.O.S. Bad
Solomon TragerKarrass, Ltd.
The Bad Bank NegotiationSolomon TragerKarrass, Ltd.
Daniel and the Lions TV BumpersDennis Agle, Jr.Lightstone Pictures
LDS Visitors Center ConceptBrandon ScottLDS Church
Seller's WeekSolomon TragerKarrass, Ltd.
Handling TacticsSolomon TragerKarrass, Ltd.
Truck CaseSolomon TragerKarrass, Ltd.
Breaking DeadlockSolomon TragerKarrass, Ltd.
KrunchSolomon TragerKarrass, Ltd.
Chemical CaseSolomon TragerKarrass, Ltd.
Buyer's LimitsSolomon TragerKarrass, Ltd.
Religion Educator's SeriesCraig ThompsonReligion Educator's Series

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