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“In an industry where craft seems to be giving way to speed and technology, Rod Santiano is one of those rare DPs who embraces innovation to achieve greater artistry. In our many and varied circumstances to co-create he has never disappointed. I trust him with my best stuff.”

J. Scott Featherstone, Lorien Entertainment, Producer/Director

“Rod’s ability to remain calm and creative amidst the chaos of a typical film shoot is one of his greatest assets.  Plus he’s handsome.  I’ve learned to trust him with the projects I care about the most.”

Greg Whiteley, One Potato Productions, Director

“Working with Rod is always a fantastic experience. He’s engaged in the project, brings great ideas, works well under pressure, and is fun to have on set. And, most importantly, he makes beautiful images.”

Jeff Parkin, Tinder Media, Writer/Director

“Rod works fast, never gets flustered, and lights and frames more beautifully than any DP I’ve ever worked with. Also, I’ve worked with two ASC DPs. He’s better and more fun than them.”

Alan Seawright, Telekinesis Entertainment, Director

“Rod not only gets what’s in my head, he consistently gives me something even better, all while keeping us on schedule and within the budget. And he does it pleasantly. Nobody ever gets yelled at, allowing us to keep a good vibe on set. A pleasure to work with every time.”

Dennis Agle, Lightstone Studios, Writer/Director

“I don’t know if it’d be appropriate for the world to know how much I love working with Rod.”

Greg Johnson, The Brute Squad, Producer/Director

“The only thing better than Rod’s personality is his work. And his personality is fantastic.”

Scott C. Halford, Foursite Studios, Director

“Rod possesses an aesthetic eye for beauty and the technical skill to achieve it. Each frame he shoots bears this conscientious decision toward perfection. The result is sheer art.”

Amy Kenny, Illumin8ed Productions, Writer/Director