18 Lives and The Book of Mormon (DVD)

18 Lives DVD

Multi-camera recording from the Five-Stake Youth Conference July 12, 2014 in Grand Junction, Colorado. 125 Minutes. 5.1 Surround Mix. Bonus Features.

18 Lives and The Book of Mormon: Embracing the Power of Jesus Christ was an unprecedented multimedia production. With more than 700 youth acting, singing and dancing on stage, and with compelling and captivating cinematic film segments, this feast for the eyes and ears was truly a spiritual extravaganza!

18 Lives will endear your hearts to the youth from five stakes in the northwest region of Colorado, while they help you to connect the difficulties that our youth face today with ancient scenes from the scriptures. This poignant production also demonstrates the consummate power The Book of Mormon has for affecting change in each of our lives, and in bringing us closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

BONUS FEATURES: • Gag Reel • Behind-the-Scenes Footage • “Happy” Video • Brandon Performs for FHE • Brennon’s Mission Call


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